Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Fall in Love with your Ownself

From the very early stages in our lives we are told that we need a ‘partner’ to persist in this world. The very likes are molded in a way that we conform to the idea of an ideal partner, girls are taught to cook, and the whole financial burden is put on the shoulders of the men and they are trained to be the head of their families. What the society oversees in this stereotypical structure is the need to grow as an individual; in the process becoming that eidolon the person loses their true identity. Their world revolves with their significant other as the center.

By the time we hit adolescence, a dating guide crammed up in our heads. We know all the dos and don’ts, we know how we have to attract that person of the other gender but what we don’t know is the true likes and dislikes of our own selves. The whole life is spent in finding that one person but we forget the most significant person of the all, ourselves.

At the end, the society will only shun you for doing anything that they deem wayward or unethical; no matter what you do you are going to be judged. Being completely satisfied with the person we are is a luxury we generally overlook, we define ourselves by the relationships we have had and in that process we lose ourselves. The only person whom you can actually depend upon is yourself, so I suggest you to get in a relationship with yourself. Go out alone, develop your own ideas unadulterated by the opinions of the society. Take out every first date ideas or how to guide to nab a person to stick by you from your mind and start worrying about yourself.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Food-Centric First Date Ideas

Since times immemorial, a traditional dinner date appears to be amongst the best and safest idea for a first date. Now, let me tell you this, if a first date’s really got to be food-centric (as appears to be the case considering ‘dinner dates’ are the clichéin any Dating guide), then you might as well mix it up and do a different rendition of a dinner date, am I right? And of course, who doesn’t love food? Making food the center of attention seems pretty darn legit to me!

First Date Ideas

So, here are a few First Date Ideas that revolve around food:

Go for a picnic

Okay, this might be a little too movie-like, but a picnic is actually quite a fun idea. You can both bring your own food and drinks, a sheet and some cushy pillows to set the stage!

Hit a food festival or carnival

There’s always something of the sort going about town. Even if it’s not a festival especially dedicated to food, even if you to a random fun fair, you’re bound to find a number of stalls set up –so go crazy!

Have breakfast for dinner

This is a personal favorite for me –I’ve always enjoyed breakfast for dinner, or breakfast for anything, really! If you like a good helping of eggs, bacon and sausages, go out for dinner, and have breakfast! A Dating guide might tell you to do all the right things, but you’ve got to mix it up sometimes, am I right?

Take a cooking class

This might be hard to depending on where you live, but if you can find one, you’re definitely in for a load of fun! Being amongst people will take the edge off things and bring out the chef in you!

Cook together 

As far as First Date Ideas go, I think cooking together would be a lot of fun. But you might not want to let someone into your before you know them too well! So play safe, be good, and cook up a delectable treat for yourselves!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Make Your First Date Special


Going on a date with a person you really like and admire-- for the first time? Well, that itself is a cause for celebration. First dates are generally thought of to be romantic and perfect. But quite contrary to this thought, my first date with the guy I had a huge crush on ended up being extremely comical.But here are some great first date ideas you could use to make your date a memorable one:

1.An ice cream date

I personally find it a bit awkward to go for lunch or dinner dates. The concept of dining out with a person I barely know does not seem like a great idea to me. And clumsy and messy as I am, taking care of the dining etiquettes is one huge task for me. And then the awkwardness that sets in on arrival of the bill. Sigh! Is it not better to go for a hassle-free ice cream date?

2.A carnival date

Believe me, first dates are meant to be fun. Would you be willing to meet the person again after going out with him on a stodgy date? I know I wouldn’t! A carnival date allows you to spend some great time together. I confess that I stole this idea from a dating guide, but I doubt I could agree more. Unleash your inner child and get to know the person exactly as he/she is.

3.Go for a walk

No, not in this scorching heat! But a pleasant weather is all you need to loosen you both up. This personalized tip might not work for all, but if you and I have something common in the least bit, you would enjoy talking to your date about the books you like, the cuisines you relish, or anything that you love or despise. It is the perfect opportunity that allows you to get to know the person in true sense.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Meeting People Online is Fun

While the concept of meeting like-minded individuals through dating websites is extremely common abroad, Indians are slightly wary in this regard. What would your reaction be if your friends who eagerly want you to start dating, ask you to make a profile on one of the leading Online Dating Sites of India? Would you be apprehensive or would you find the idea appealing? 

Nowadays, people from all walks of life have started making use of matrimonial websites to get married. Many of my own close relatives are leading happy and fulfilling lives with their better halves who they met through such websites. But why is online dating considered such a bad idea? With the innovation in technology and strengthening of privacy settings, online dating can actually be really helpful. 

Let’s consider a few things which might help me convince you of the usefulness and credibility of Online Dating Sites. There are so many people we come across in our daily lives. We may like some of them, may be indifferent towards others, or may even detest a few of them. They are present in our environment and we have no choice. But you do have a choice when it comes to dating sites. You decide who you wish to talk to. You have to meet people online to discover the joy of interacting with people not limited to your immediate environment. Let’s say that you have been working in an organization for over 10 years now. You might be acquainted with each person in the office, but your dream girl/boy might not be one of them. Having heard the stories of finding our true love in the most dramatic of ways since our childhood, we might not feel the need to actually go out and look for the person. 

But meeting new people online, getting to know their likes and dislikes, might eventually lead you to the person who you have always been dreaming of. In the process you may even make great friends. It is important for you to take precautions, of course, but to let your inhibitions come in the way of you finding your perfect match is not really a great idea. Do you agree? If you still aren’t convinced, just try meeting people online and see for yourself. You might not find the person you are looking for, but you would definitely have a lot of fun. Just go and make a profile as soon as possible!